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MfM Australia’s puppy dry food range is ideal for puppies and growing dog food.
Natural puppy food will set the foundation for strength and mobility for years to come.

This range is also perfect as whelping food for reproduction providing the correct nutrition throughout the pregnancy cycle.

The bitch has to be properly nourished so that she can absorb and utilize the nutrients involved in tissue production. If her internal organs are not functioning properly, her thyroid is damaged, her intestines inflamed, all due to inadequate and improper nutrition. She will not be in the best position to produce the healthiest puppies and her recovery may be compromised.

Deficiencies of vitally important nutrients during the formation of body structures can diminish the number of cells in those organs and tissues and have long term effects on the health and wellbeing of your pups.

“It all begins with the bitch, through to the embryo, and is carried on throughout the first year of growth.”

The growth period is a stage in life when the pups nutrient and caloric needs are at their greatest. The only way that these needs can be met is by allowing the pup to consume a properly formulated diet which must include ample supplies of top-quality raw ingredients and formulated to have the correct ratios of fat, protein, vitamins & minerals while being low in carbohydrates and gluten free.

To produce healthy puppies, protect your breeding program and reduce your expenses, you need to feed MfM puppy.

MfM puppy formula can bring about the desired nutritional results for your puppy or breeding program. Superior levels of necessary amino acids and essential fatty acids. These are the building blocks of pets’ cells, and they offer essential enzymes that keep cells healthy and the digestive system functioning properly. Amino acids (protein) and essential fatty acids (fat) fuel pets with vibrant energy stemming from healthy immune and digestive systems. Through offering your pet wholesome, pure and safe proteins, your pet will enjoy a happier, healthier and prolonged life.



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    Gluten Free

    2.5kg 9kg 20kg

The MfM puppy dry food varieties provide the desired nutrition for your puppy.

Superior levels of the building blocks of cells keeps your puppy healthy and their digestive system functioning properly. Amino acids (protein) and essential fatty acids (good fat) provide puppies with vibrant energy, improved immunity and digestive systems.

GiveGive you puppy wholesome, pure and safe nutrition to assist with development in the early stages of life.